Tips from a Shipwright was started with the purpose of creating a high quality video content resource for wooden boat builders, sailing enthusiasts and fellow lovers of wooden boats.
Each week, thousands tune in to pick up tips, tricks, and soak up the knowledge that can only be provided by someone who has built and restored wooden boats for more than 50 years.The son of a quahogger who was also involved in boat building, Sauzedde had already built his first skiffs by the age of 12. By 14, he was working on the American Eage, an America’s Cup 12-meter later led to many victories under Ted Turner. Other noteworthy projects have included the restorations of 1962 America’s Cup winner Weatherly, and Intrepid (winner in both 1967 and 1970). “I’ve been at this my whole life!” Says Lou.While he works on boats large and small, and does take on unrelated woodworking projects, Lou Sauzedde is a first and foremost a shipwright. The TotalBoat Work Skiff (watch the whole series here) is his own design, and the build showcases many TotalBoat products like TotalFair fairing compound, Spartan antifouling paint, Topside primer, High Performance 2:1 epoxy, Lust Varnish, Teak Oil and Wet Edge topside finish. He even used fasteners he walked down the street to purchase from JD way back when we were located in Jamestown, RI!In addition to building the TotalBoat Skiff, he is restoring a classic Herreshoff 12 1/2, with an 8-meter sloop waiting on deck. His enthusiasm and passion for the work is apparent in all of his videos. Be sure to follow Lou’s projects at www.TotalBoat.com and www.Tipsfromashipwright.com


When TotalBoat was launched and Louis and filmmaker Halsey Fulton were getting their “Tips” You-Tube series going, we decided a partnership with Lou and the instantly popular series would be a great avenue for our widely revered “How-To” videos. Lou and Halsey embraced the idea and Lou was already using some of the paints and epoxy on his own projects in his boatshop. Since those early videos, many have come to understand how to better use and apply many of the best selling TotalBoat products. Lou’s simple, concise tips on everything from mixing epoxy to applying multiple coats of varnish, has made him the “star” of the boatbuilding world that he is today. And we are so thankful to have him representing TotalBoat as an ambassador and as a star!

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