Jess’ epoxy work is a stunning mix of her artistic capabilities, her woodworking and her incredibly creative use of epoxy. She has mastered a water-simulating technique that creates the look of epoxy waves splashing on top of her pieces. The technique used by Jess is in the spotlight of current resin art. Jess is an authority on this technique, and on pioneering new processes involving epoxy and functional art. She excels at thinking outside the box and bringing her ideas to the forefront of the woodworking and art communities with a strong emphasis on sharing and teaching.

Jess will be working with TotalBoat as a teacher and speaker and will be at many Maker events repping her favorite resin brand. Jess’ work is a testament to the performance and ease of use of our epoxy line. Her work makes our epoxy even better and we are so excited to partner with Jess on an upcoming custom art resin line that will bear her Crow Creek Designs name next to the trusted TotalBoat name.



Jess loves TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy, and uses it to create her amazing waves and lacing techniques.

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