Hands on Deck exists for the purpose of empowering the inexperienced youth and skilled adults of Green Bay to engage one another for the purpose of building relationships, building confidence, building boats, and developing boating skills for the goal of utilizing and sustaining the natural resources of the surrounding community.Mark Hawkins, Director has been a loyal JD customer for quite a few years, and now has the opportunity to share his love for TB products and the JD company with his community in Green Bay, Wisconsin. One of the big differences with Hands On Deck from other Building to Teach programs is their involvement with the retired community here in town. Their woodworkers guild is over 150 people strong, and they have an incredible wealth of skilled laborers to pair with the younger students. Hands on Deck is a member of several workforce development/skilled training organizations, and their goal is to develop an apprenticeship program in 3-5 years. Having recently received a sponsorship from Lie-Neilson Tools, Hands on Deck is gaining recognition and support throughout the woodworking and boatbuilding sectors. TotalBoat is pleased to be among those helping build the Hands on Deck program in Green Bay.



The Hands on Deck partnership with TotalBoat is one where we get the benefit of seeing old and young building, using and learning to love the process and the products that make boat building easier and more enjoyable.

The products in use the most at Hands on Deck are: Totalboat Epoxy Kits in Slow and Fast Hardeners, Gleam 2.0 Spar Varnish, Wet Edge Topside Paint, Topside Primer and TotalTread, Copper Slating Nails, Copper Washers and Roves, Stainless Screws, Silkaflex.

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