Evan & Katelyn are a husband and wife team, amateur makers, and expert high fivers, who want to DIY ALL THE THINGS. They met when we were 18 and eight years later we got married, bought a house, and proceeded to DIY the heck out of it. The duo started with no experience, and everything they learned was from YouTubers and bloggers. After a few years of figuring things out, they wanted to start giving back in the same way they learned – by documenting their projects, sharing them with people, and hopefully helping others see that if they can do it, you can do it. They still kinda feel like newbies, just newbies with more power tools

Evan and Katelyn tackle a lotttt of different project types: woodworking, 3D printing, resin crafting, concrete projects, home improvement stuff, home decor stuff. The list goes on, they are interested in continuing to learn new things so they plan on tackling whatever seems the most interesting.


TotalBoat 2:1 High-Performance Epoxy with Slow Hardener has provided some fun for these two. From potato geodes to resin ornaments, they have had a blast experimenting and crafting with epoxy. They use Lust Varnish with great success also and enjoy the fast dry time and overcoating options that save time and money, too. Keep watching Evan and Katelyn on YouTube for fun projects that anyone can tackle!

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