Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: The Gunwales

Follow Lou out back to his lumber stack to check on the remaining boards left for the Work Skiff project. With only a few remaining pieces, Lou has the few boards he needs to create the gunwales. As in the past with the breast hook and the knees, Lou sought pieces of wood that had a … Read More

Scott Roberts: DIY Boatbuilder

Customer Scott Roberts’ Home-Built Candlefish 13  Scott Roberts Location: Houston, TX (and Harpswell, ME) JD customer since: 2013 Summer 2016 TotalBoat Photo Contest Winner and March 2017 JD Catalog featured customer story  Scott Roberts has always loved boats and being on the water. He grew up sailing Hobie Cats and Sunfish, and spent several summers … Read More

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: The Inwales & A Banana

Episode 28 finds Lou making beautiful cuts on a banana to offer his sage advice on how to get to the best grain in a log. He is seeking this premier part of his timber to find the best piece for his inwales on the TotalBoat Work Skiff. (The Inwale is a horizontal timber binding together the … Read More

Out Late, Out Back

The beat goes on out back, behind TB HQ in the TotalBoat Workshop on Shop Night. After a few weeks off around the holidays, attendance was at an all time high for the first Boat Shop Night of 2017. Everyone seemed recharged and psyched to either advise on, help with or dive into projects. The … Read More

Supporting Kids on the Water

  JD & TotalBoat have supported the efforts of the amazing Community Boating Center in Providence for many years. By contributing to their program with product, manpower and motivation, we have witnessed the positive effect the program has on all who encounter it. Kids from the City of Providence and surrounds get the opportunity to … Read More

Nick Dana: Record Rocking TotalBoat Ambassador

TotalBoat Ambassador, Nick Dana, can proudly say his name is on the books for setting some serious yacht racing records: Namely the transatlantic monohull sailing record, the Sydney Hobart Race record and the Bermuda Race record. Just the other day Nick and the crew of Perpetual Loyal won line honors and a record finish aboard the … Read More

Using White Knight Stain Remover

A problem most boat owners can’t deny is the inevitable ugly color stain that finds your waterline after a few months in the water. Some areas water makes this unsightly stain worse than others, but with the right tools and product it’s simple to remove.  White Knight, TotalBoat’s new stain remover, starts working as soon as … Read More

Quinn Connell’s Custom Carbon Kayak

In the back of his mind, Quinn Connell had been dreaming up the ultimate whitewater kayak for as long as he can remember. While finishing his engineering degree at Dartmouth College, Quinn pitched a study in kayak design, focusing on fluid dynamics: the study of water. Quinn was able to make his dream come true … Read More

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: TotalFair for the Fasteners

Louis Sauzedde worked hard to put the fasteners for the TotalBoat work skiff in just the right location, and at just the right depth. And now to prepare for painting the bottom and the topsides, he needs to fill every one of the screw holes so they disappear underneath the paint job that is about … Read More

Shop Night Shenanigans

Only a few Wednesdays into Shop Night season, the enthusiasm is mounting and the projects are piling up. With a short list of a few more shop upgrades to work on, the record setting crowd worked together to build a paint table (complete with paint mixer hard mounted to the base), construct extra “curtains” for … Read More

Beetle Boat Shop: A Legendary Customer

Customer since: 2000 Location: Wareham, MA Specialty: Sole Builders of the Beetle Cat The Beetle Cat boat is a 12 foot, gaff-rigged wooden sailboat first built in 1921 by the Beetle family of New Bedford, Mas- sachusetts. John Beetle patterned the boat’s design on the 20 to 30 ft catboats used for shallow water fishing … Read More

LIVE TotalBoat Shop Cam Featuring ‘TB Shop Night’

Now you can tune into the weekly pow wow we call Shop Night.  Employees pour into the TotalBoat Workshop after 5pm each Wednesday for a few beers over boats and ideas, marine and home or yard projects and plenty of shop talk. With a few major restorations planned for the winter, there will be plenty to see … Read More

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff with ‘Tips from A Shipwright’

Louis Sauzedde has been building wooden boats for longer than he can remember. So when he and filmmaker Halsey Fulton approached us to help them make a series on building the ultimate work skiff using TotalBoat adhesives, paints and primers, we knew we had a winning combination.  In this series, Lou and his apprentice go … Read More

Video Series: Making a Mold From A Plug

In this video series we have called on composite expert, Stephan Vaast to show us a clever way to create a plug for a mold. Making a plug is the first step in the process of making a fiberglass mold to build any number of parts and pieces. Typically, a plug is a mock-up of … Read More

Customer Stories: We Love Them All! Send Us Yours

  Our customers are both commercial and DIY boaters and as such, both offer really cool insight into how TotalBoat is used and what people think. We want honest feedback and a fair shot up against our competition in all the major areas of use. And then, we really want pictures, stories and videos about … Read More