The Perfect Entry to Epoxy Art: The Valentine Mini Kit

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try your hand at the epoxy resin crafting trend that you may have noticed we noticed.  We took our super glossy, easy-to-use MakerPoxy Artist’s Resin and put it into this fun kit that has everything you need to dive into some new epoxy resin skills with your sweetheart.  … Read More

Acorn to Arabella: Installing the Port Side Garboard Plank

We’re back with Alix and Steve from Acorn to Arabella this week, continuing to follow their planking process. This week they move on to the port side Garboard.  They wanted to show a little bit more detail on what goes into installing these big planks, as it can be a little bit of a fight … Read More

Clever Fiberglass Repair Tips with Boatworks Today

Clever solutions to tricky problems are best shared with our customers so you can get right to your repairs without the guesswork and pitfalls of trial and error. Count on Andy Miller to demonstrate this brilliant method of fiberglass repair that can translate into many solutions for hard to repair areas. Using 1708 fiberglass and … Read More

Meet Us at the Newport International Boat Show!

For the first time in many years, Jamestown Distributors will have a booth at the very popular Newport International Boat Show! Next Thursday through Sunday, come down to the heart of boating in the Northeast: Newport Harbor, in Little Rhody! Meet members of the TotalBoat Tech Team and ask questions about a pesky problem or an … Read More

Making Paddles with Jimmy DiResta

YouTube superstar, Jimmy DiResta, is no stranger to “making” things by hand. He would never order a pair of paddles for the canoe he’s building when he can order some fancy, spalted maple and walnut to carve, plane and sand into submission. DiResta is a legend when it comes to being a ‘Maker.” In fact, … Read More

Summer Photo Contest – Busy Boaters

Our Summer Photo Contest submission date has come and gone. We thought you might like to see all of the amazing entries we received when we asked you, our customers, what your summer boating projects looked like. We were pleased to see lots of photos of boats on the water, and out of the sheds, boatyards, … Read More

Episode 25 – Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

This is it!  It’s finally time for Lou to remove the TotalBoat Sport Dory from the jig and flip it over!  We have put all the planks on it the boat now, the final two had to go on in two pieces with a scarf in the middle because they had such a radical twist.  … Read More

Saturday – Sunny with A Chance of Super!

  Unlike the raw, frigid weather that greeted us for our Annual Tent Sale last year, this Saturday’s event promises to be sunny and warmer, with a chance of SPRING! There are plenty of reasons to come to the Tent Sale, and each year we build upon the successes of the prior year to make … Read More

Episode 18: Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Lou is back and like you, he’s anxious to progress on the worklist for his TotalBoat Sport Dory.  With the first false bottom attached, it’s time to sharpen Lou’s composite skills and tools, and apply a layer of carbon fiber to the bottom. This unique idea will add strength and durability to the bottom for … Read More

Save the Date! JD Tent Sale is April 14th

Save the Date – April 14th from 8 am – 3 pm swing over to the Annual Jamestown Distributors Tent Sale.  There are many reasons to come for our massive One-Day Event, so don’t miss out. Once again, Louis Sauzedde, our favorite shipwright building the TotalBoat Sport Dory, will be here to meet and greet … Read More

Catching Up with the Keel Makers

The backyard boat shops of the SeaDreamer and Arabella builders have been busy with heavy work. And by heavy, we mean laden with tons (literally) of lead and laminated wood pieces.  Scott Smith of the Sea Dreamer Project and Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella have been doing some hard thinking about what goes under … Read More

Winter Workshop Photo Contest Winners!

  Once again we refuse to pick just one winner, thanks to all of you and your inspiring submissions of your busy winter workshops. We found three winners that we feel embody what most of you look for in a good winter boat project – a restoration, a cool new build and an inspirational resurrection, we’ll … Read More

Episode 17: Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Lou is back this week and is ready to glue up the bottom of our TotalBoat Sport Dory. But first, he has to create two broadstrake planks, one for each side.  This is the next plank up from the garboard, or next plank down as the boat is being built upside down.  In order to make … Read More

Behind the Scenes in Your Busy Winter Workshops

  When we asked our customers to submit photos to our Workshop Photo Contest, we knew we would see all sorts of excellent projects being worked on over the New England winter. But we were blown away by the over 100 submissions, and the variety of amazing builds going on behind workshop doors. TODAY IS … Read More

Giving Back – Helping Hurricane Victims

It’s been a tough hurricane season in many parts of the world, as you all know. And as the devastation spread through the Caribbean islands and Florida, and don’t forget Texas, it became clear that there couldn’t possibly be enough aid or assistance to these hard-hit areas. So much of the areas in need of … Read More