Steve Denette & Alix Kreder knew they were on to something when they started pouring a pool of lead into the ground on the family property where they are building their dream boat, Arabella. This controversial pour launched them to the top of YouTube, drawing attention to their guerilla-style boat building. They are attacking the build of their Atkins Ketch, Arabella, with tenacity and determination. Calling on their friends and doing intensive research on the boat and how to build it, the duo is on top of their game as they create videos alongside their project, sharing the project with all of us.

Using the timber from Grandpa’s trees on the property, these backyard boat builders are moving quickly through their build and are likely to shatter their timeline of getting this boat build in the next 10 years. The resourceful pair is constantly finding ways to build themselves a boat that will outlive them both. Their ingenuity and determination will help them as they launch and sail Arabella – which – for Steve – will be his first-ever sail, aboard the boat he built; Just as he’d planned.



Arabella is likely to include a lot of TotalBoat once she’s planked and ready for finishing touches of paint in the bilge and on the whole boat’s outer hull. So far, TotalFair was used on the ballast keel and they loved the Danish Teak Sealer for waterproofing wood pieces going into the keel. We have donated many fasteners and plenty of Dolfinite Bedding Compound, but the future will be full of finishes and finishing details and TotalBoat will be there to help them get launched and sailing. And we can’t wait! Tune in and watch the build!

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