Our Story

It started simple enough. We wanted better stuff for our own boats. Even our favorite products—the ones we’d come to rely on—had room for improvement.

It’d be nice if they could hold up longer, cure faster, coat better, apply easier and—since we all know boat ownership creates a mini-maelstrom in your pocket—cost less. So we took everything we knew from 35 years of customer feedback, combined that with our own boating knowledge, and after a few years of rigorous R&D, TotalBoat was born. Launched, rather.

A handful of products that just work better. And, not just for boats.

TotalBoat quickly grew into the most comprehensive line of marine maintenance & repair solutions available anywhere. Today, more and more DIY makers & woodworkers are finding that the ease of use and marine-grade durability of TotalBoat products makes them perfect for their builds.

Our Promise

Call Center

We stand by our products with real human people. Better than people actually—boaters.

The team of experienced boaters in our call center ready to help you use TotalBoat to the best of its abilities.

These aren’t folks in a faraway place reading from scripts. They’re boaters with hands-on experience. And if they don’t know the answer, someone else in our call center will. It’s stacked with specialists with expertise in everything from wooden boats to outboards to electronics.

In addition to getting your question answered, you’re also helping us make our products better and easier to understand—which benefits everyone.

Product Testing

It doesn’t matter how well it works in a lab. What matters is how well it works on the water.

No matter how advanced a lab is, it will never be able to dish out all the variables and conditions our boats see.

The elements, the wear and tear—the abuse itself cannot be replicated. So we use every resource we have to put TotalBoat products to the test (as well as our competitors, of course), including:

  • The TotalBoat Shop: A large, dedicated warehouse where a lot of our poking, prodding, testing, and R&D happen.
  • Our true proving grounds is the ocean, which is a lot bigger than our shop. It covers 70% of the earth—though a lot of our testing is done right in our backyard in the waters of Bristol, RI.
  • A network of beta testers, online forums and customer feedback channels we’ve developed over the last 35 years. This way we can see how our products perform across a range of conditions and a geographical area no one else can replicate.
  • Our own boats: After all, the reason we got into this was to make stuff we’d want for our own boats. Plus it’s fun. All mariners have a little materials science geek somewhere inside.

The end result is a suite of products we can put our name on with pride. We know it’ll work because we’ve seen it work. And so have our customers. Try TotalBoat for yourself.