Wisdom has it that there is nothing—absolutely nothing—so much worth doing as messing around with wood boats. It has certainly proved that way for 36-year-old Kevin Fitzke. After spending his childhood in Minnesota building model boats and airplanes, he is now the master craftsman and designer behind Fitzke Wood Paddleboards, making seaworthy works of functional art.

Inspired by Prohibition-era wooden boats and airplanes, Fitzke paddleboards are all hand made, hand painted and built on a low volume production line. His vintage-style boards are made from the best marine-grade mahogany plywood, top of the line finishes and incorporates custom painted designs. Each one is built to order or is to his signature style of design, making them the true definition of one-of-a-kind.


“The thing I like about the TotalBoat products is that they’re very easy to use and very forgiving in many different types of applications. Instructions are easy to understand, which makes them a breeze to use,” Kevin says. His favorite TotalBoat products are the Thixo line of adhesives. “These are a game changer in not having to manually mix all the components and thickening additives. You just point where you want the epoxy to go, and you’re ready to adhere material or proceed with a fillet.”

Kevin maintains that building boards is important to him because he has a moderate obsession with wood boats, especially Golden Era period boats. Designing and building his wood paddle boards is a way for him to feel connected to these boats and the lifestyle they represent.

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