Meet Tim Sway’s Upcycled Jambulance!

When the Tim Sway family literally pulled right into Narwhal Labs, we were excited at the chance to have some fun with Tim as he builds out his dream bread truck. He’s converting it to a traveling guitar store and mobile stage for his New Perspectives Music gig. Sway’s work revolves around taking reclaimed wood (from hollow doors, in this video, like many others) and building mostly stringed musical instruments from it.  As a man who appreciates the more natural and eco-friendly side of the products he uses, we set Tim up with an ample supply of our award-winning waterbased Elixir enamel paint. It’s super durable for his work truck, is easy to use, and we even custom made a secret color for Tim to use on this special project. Tune in and subscribe to Tim’s channel to see the fun videos about the Jambulance build-out and his trip to Narwhal Labs at the TotalBoat HQ. Enjoy!


Be sure to follow Tim and his son Vance maker as they take on the renovation of the bread truck. You can watch all the videos in the series here! Let Tim know we sent you in the comments on his video.


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