TotalBoat Tips Tuesdays!

We’re upping our game at TotalBoat, working hard to provide more weekly videos with tips to help you succeed with your projects. We know about a lot of the pitfalls and hiccups customers face from our years of Tech and Customer Support, and we are listening and weaving these common questions into solutions! Tune in to our YouTube video series TotalBoat tips Tuesday! We want you to succeed using epoxy resin, varnish, paints, and all of the TotalBoat marine-tough, ready-for-anything adhesives, finishes, and more!


Videos will be released weekly on the TotalBoat YouTube Channel and we hope you’ll subscribe to keep up and then like and share those videos you found helpful.  Check out the first 3 videos in the series, plus a fun teaser to get you excited for more!

We’ve compiled a playlist of the TotalBoat Tips videos we are releasing to help you follow along.  If you want some extra fun content from our video team,  make sure you’re also subscribed to the Narwhal Labs channel where we will be posting often with big plans to entertain, teach and amaze you with the help of our Ambassadors.

So far we have some Safety Tips for Using Epoxy Resin, How to Calculate How Much Resin You Need for a Pour, How to use our TotalBoat Mixing Cups and How to Avoid Bubbles in your Epoxy! Next week we have another new video for you so make sure you subscribed to the channel!


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5 responses to “TotalBoat Tips Tuesdays!

  1. Love the trailer, great idea.

    I am looking forward to the tips and watching your production for ideas. I just did the first setup video for my company so I am learning.

    Thank you

    Bill Weaver

  2. Been using your video guidance in the restoration of a whaler 27FC. They have been invaluable in learning how to use the materials and construction tips. Looking forward to more.

  3. How about tips for how much to mix for wetting out cloth? And what about adding mix later that now has a later hardening time? Is that a problem if the two different mixtures mix?

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