The Making of Paul Jackman’s Wavy Vase

We can’t help but love every video and sadistic project taken on by TotalBoat Ambassador, Paul Jackman. His love for pallets and upcycling forgotten wood is a labor of love and something Paul takes to the next level – or – as his followers know – to “Jackman Size.”   When he poured over 200 hours and a bunch of TotalBoat into this amazing wavy vase project, we knew it would be a winner. Knot and nail holes were filled with our 5:1 Epoxy and then he coated the whole thing in our Wood Sealer.  The Wood Sealer was then coated with a sprayed on 6 coats of Halcyon Varnish.  The Wavy Vase, as Jackman puts it, “mimic[s] nature, due to its clearly defined pattern, but also its slight inconsistencies due to it being carved by hand. It’s supposed to be busy, but organized at the same time. And it’s supposed to be at least slightly insane, much like it’s creator.” We think all of this insanity is completely worthwhile, especially in the face of a pretty crazy world. Thanks to Paul Jackman for some Jackman-sized levity.


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16 responses to “The Making of Paul Jackman’s Wavy Vase

    1. Overall, it was about 2 months of work from start to finish. The sale price probably worked out to minimum wage, but it was worth it just to see this piece become a reality.

  1. Your quite a craftsman. The video shows so many stages where a slightest error could ruin a piece and you’ll have to start over.
    Beautiful. Well done indeed.

    1. Yes! That was the hardest part of this, my anxiety level increased significantly with each step of the process. Mounting that on the lathe especially seemed like a bad idea, but I had no choice haha

  2. What a great video!
    I love to see things like this done on a lathe. I bought my lathe when I was 12, I’m 69 now, and enjoy turning burls into bowls when I’m not working on a wooden boat.
    Thank you Paul,

  3. Paul,
    Awesome. All together very impressive. From the comical cinematograph and video production to the creative use of your small shop space and use of tools too.
    This was the first time I viewed one of your videos and will be looking forward to enjoying others as well.
    Carry on and enjoy.

    1. Thanks so much for watching Kelly! I’m not sure what will be next, but this giant tool serious is a ton of fun and will definitely continue

  4. The woodworking is impressive, but the bigger accomplishment I believe might have been overlooked… Your filmmaking is superb! As someone who makes videos every day, that video is a masterpiece, the editing to the music, the ability to hold the viewers attention, The use of time lapse, you are an artist on all levels!

    1. This means a ton, thanks!! I’ve been woodworking since I was a teenager, so I find that the filmmaking part of my work gives me a way to experiment and evolve more, even if I already know how I’m going to build something.

    1. That is the Rockler HVLP spraying Halcyon Clear. It’s very simple with great results, no thinning or any complications like that.

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