Acorn to Arabella: Picking up the Pace Making Planks

Today we find Steve and a collection of skilled friends working on planking and preparing for the sawmill’s arrival. The crew of Acorn to Arabella have been able to motor along with the oak planking, even with Alex away. With three people in the shop, two could work on Arabella while the third picked timber and made planks. Steve’s Grandpa, the landowner who’s old-growth trees are becoming Arabella, helps out by firing up the old Massey Ferguson tractor and smooths out the wood yard road in preparation for the sawmill to arrive. There’s lots to be done in the boathouse, but Steve and his crew have a steady pace that’s should make quick work of these last oak planks below the waterline.  Check out today’s video of the week! 

7 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Picking up the Pace Making Planks

  1. Dude, that’s not a kind thing to say on the Arabella thread. Stephen and Alix are doing a fantastic job of not only building, but documenting this boat.

  2. OMG, as a boy i worked in my grandfathers boat yard working on wooden boats. Then coming back to America I grew up in a fishing village on the Columbia river working on wooden boats. Steaming oak ribs and cutting Port Orford cedar planking! Wooden boats are labors of love not practical in this day and age! Just can’t seem to get over why someone would want to build a wooden boat. As a boy I remembered when fiberglass boats first came out, one had been brought to my grandfather to do some adding of mahogany trim, all the guys stood around looking at it, poking it with their fingers and watching it bow, this stuff will never last they said.

  3. Very amazing craft. We grew up in Virginia off the Chesapeake bay next door to a boat yard. Loved watching them build work boats. Great job on this!

  4. Thank you for taking the trouble to film this. What an exciting thing to do! The tradition of boat building goes back thousands of years and you are now part of that wonderful heritage. As I watched you and the crew work through each challenge, I imagined boatbuilders from an age long ago addressing the same problems. Imagine how amazed they would have been to see the modern tools and speed of your work! You are creating a beautiful ship and many cherished memories.

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