Tally Ho: Varnishing Deck Beams

Leo Sampson and his crew of merry boatbuilders are making great progress on the restoration of his 1909 sailing yacht, Tally Ho. In episode 73 Tally Ho has started to resemble the curvy, gorgeous yacht that she is quickly becoming. With her deck beams ready for installation, the team is taking the time to seal the beams and beam shelf using our TotalBoat Wood Sealer. Using this wood sealer will protect these important structural pieces from checking and splitting, and will give it a nice amber seal coat and ready all the pieces for future coats of varnish which can now be put off for a bit making way for other big projects like trimming the frame heads. Have a look at this amazing backyard boat build!

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  1. Remember low cut shellac is also a product not to be overlooked. There is also a cure for parrot poop…fun to cleanup arrr matey! Also if you have to put up with all the crap its handing you teach it some pithy phrasing as you plugged the wrong hole that’s a scupper! I applaud your endeavour! Personaly I want the first ticket to go to Mars, but shoving off to see in a classic Gaffer is a good start! Consider if you will melding modern tech to classic beauty…Carbon spars…less weight aloft and…. sails….more modern fabrics (tyvek there,too). all things consider you downing Limey! For a moment I thot you wuz an Aussie! As pooh would say…..TTFN

  2. First, I love the Total Boat Products. Why the Total Boat Wood Sealer? The specs say use with single part varnishes. Total Boat Envy is a 2 part varnish. Would the 2 part be a more durable finish?
    Learning just a little more each day, forgetting a whole lot more.

  3. Kevin, I’m just a non-expert visitor but, although I can’t answer your question about any superiority of 2-part varnishes I can share my experience with the Total Boat Wood Sealer. I am building a pergola for the back deck. The poorly built structure (2×6 untreated pine nailed to the house) that was there when we bought our house fell down in a winter storm. After watching a TallyHo restoration video I was motivated to build a proper replacement (4×8 and 6×10 Western Red Cedar beams bolted with Simpson Decorative Hardware). Oh man, did I bite off more than I could chew!!

    I tried a few test finishes and decided on 2 coats of the TB Wood Sealer with 3 coats of the TB Clear Halcyon 1 part varnish over it. I never really understood the benefits of a sealer but I could clearly see that it does, in fact, fill in the pores evenly without buildup and provides for a surface that allows the varnish to flow more smoothly (thus not requiring you to thin the first few coats of varnish). It also adds a slight wonderful amber that is much lighter than the amber of most varnishes (I prefer lighter, natural colors, but my wood was almost white with just clear varnish). The TB Wood Sealer is super easy to work with. Although you can apply it with disposable pads I found it was worth the cleanup effort of using a decent brush. I had a lot of surface to cover and the brush was the right tool for the job. The job came out beautiful enough that my friends will say, “You did this?”

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