Boston Whaler Repair and Varnish Tips from Extreme DIY

Jose Nieto knows a thing or two about fixing up boats. He’s on episode 10 of his Boston Whaler 13 restoration and in this episode, we loved his rolling and tipping demonstration using our varnishes. He started by sealing the wood with a few thinned coat of our Wood Sealer* and then topped that using TotalBoat’s Gleam 2.0 varnish. He made quick work of his coat building because he wasn’t hassled with sanding between each application.  Jose has perfected rolling and tipping it appears, possibly because of his topside and interior “Whaler Blue” paint job, and in this video, he shows the right way to apply varnish with a roller, chasing it with a nice brush to flatten it out. He brushes from the wet edge of the varnish into the area he already brushed, feathering in that new varnish. It’s the right way to brush, made even quicker and easier, coat after coat, with a roller applying the material. Check out Jose’s channel where he’s making videos of his Whaler restoration and teaching us all a few things along the way!

We love that people from professional to home DIY “do-ers” are jumping into the video game. There is always something to learn and to share and confident DOY boaters and woodworkers have created some entertaining and educational content to help us all do our projects better, and often for less money and time, which is something we can all appreciate.  Jose’s Whaler Blue paint job video is also shared below, but you can see all of his videos on his Extreme DIY Channel.  Thanks for watching!


*NOTE! We do not recommend thinning the TotalBoat Wood Sealer. It is not necessary – it is already thinned and ready to use out of the can. No harm, but it means it soaks into the wood more and might be the difference between those last coats of varnish as your top coat.


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14 responses to “Boston Whaler Repair and Varnish Tips from Extreme DIY

  1. I’ve used that Rigid sander with a vacuum for over 20yrs, my 4th unit just died yesterday—-still under $70 at Home Depot! Use that same unit for boat bottom, inside the boat, inside my house, deck, etc

    1. I have been collecting the Rigid tools. They are solidly built and to be honest, you can’t beat the lifetime warranty!

  2. use the foam “weeny” rollers and the foam brushes for your tipping—works better, does a great job!——mikey

  3. Good video and I’ll try out some of your suggestions soon. However…

    How come all these “finishing tips” videos show someone varnishing a perfectly flat, horizontal surface. Heck, even I can get a good finish on a flat horizontal surface. Unfortunately, there is not a bit of horizontal varnishing to be done on my 1964 Cheoy Lee sailboat (maybe the edges of a few trim pieces). Show me how to avoid runs and pooling on the other 95% of varnishing jobs…. And how should I varnish items that can’t be removed from the boat (90% of the teak on my boat)? What are the tricks and tips for varnishing in an open marina?

    1. Eric, I did a few pieces vertically and had some sagging, which is why I ended up doing this one horizontally, I did parts of the console vertically and found that i tipped vertically the varnish would level out pretty nicely. there is a good video on TotalBoats Gleam2.0 page of a varnish master varnishing horizontally, I am envious of his skills!

  4. Thanks for the video Jose! How much primer and how much of the blue paint did you use? Would you recommend sanding between all coats or just after the primer?

      1. Thanks Jose, I am wondering what the volume of paint you used to apply those coats, as I am trying to decide how much to buy?

  5. Great video…great boat. Haven’t seen one of those in years. I’m planning to paint my sailboat entirely either this fall or early spring, so you video was very helpful. A project this large has made me somewhat apprehensive but you’ve calmed much of my fears…especially painting outside. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! There’s an entire series on the YouTube Channel on this. It’s still a work in progress but I hope to be finished within the next few months.

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