Acorn to Arabella: Cedar Planks & A TotalBoat Care Package

In today’s *riveting* video from the Acorn to Arabella crew, we get a boatload of love from our friends who are working feverishly to keep pace on their 2-10 year boat building project, their Atkins Ketch, Arabella. They aren’t letting a little quarantine slow them down, and we were certain to make sure they had ample supplies so that they could keep working and making videos for all of us through this shutdown. We’ve been pretty lucky at JD to have amazing employees who have kept us up and running and shipping as fast as we can to you all, our amazing customers, who have been patient and supportive of our efforts during these unusual times. We hope videos like these, that show the hard work that continues in some quarantined backyard boat shops like Steve and Alix’s, is an inspiration to keep you going on your own projects! It sure is for us.

We can’t thank the Acorns enough for letting us tag long on their boatbuilding adventure. We’ve tried to give as much support and advice as possible, but these novice boatbuilders are less green than most and we find them navigating this amazingly complex undertaking with amazing aptitude and aplomb. We feel like proud parents and we can’t wait to see them splash her and sail away (eventually)!


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6 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Cedar Planks & A TotalBoat Care Package

  1. Really enjoy watching and listening to you guys. Your work ethic is exceptional. One day at a time during these trying times. We will get beyond this virus down the road.

  2. Sorry to hear about your slowdown due to COVID. Being a one-person shop I have been able to continue on (two days a week… work my other job from home the other 3 days). Granted, one person working part time makes for a long build (ten years so far) but…. boatbuilding for me is about the journey, not the arrival…. just like sailing.
    Check out the build: bischoffboatworks.com

  3. Thoroughly enjoying the videos , but every time I watch I keep thinking how the Venetians rules the Mediterranean turning out a ship a week in their shipyard.

    1. I would telll my enemy’s I could make a boat a week too!
      It’s not actually that hard, when Egg Harbor yachts in NJ were making wooden boats in the 50’s and 60’s they could make a small hull a day, all the frames and planks were pre cut to templates . The boats were built upside down and at 8 am they flipped the hull over , literally , crash bang wallop! And started the next! . They used a lot of screws , small bolts instead of rivets , many rapid manafacturing methods ! And lots of cheap south jersey labor! Cheers Warren

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