Acorn to Arabella: Planking Problems and a Pandemic

Just when Alix and Steve had a plan for planking that would launch their progress to the other side of this massive task, life changed.  Their planking party would have to wait for the pandemic we are all enduring to pass, because, for this task, they need more than just two sets of hands.  With some new ideas after a visit from Louis Sauzedde, the team installed an oak stealer plank to compensate for the twist and sharp angle all the way aft at the stern. They got the stealer installed in the last episode, but the next cedar plank didn’t go as well and started checking at the end, forcing them to rethink that plank.

Using our TotalBoat Flex Epoxy to join the scarfs, the team fought springtime temps that are not epoxy friendly, so they had to think beyond their clever mobile curing oven and move the whole plank into the warm house overnight. Check out their progress in today’s video from the team.

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7 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Planking Problems and a Pandemic

  1. Why are you not using shorter beveled edged planks joined by butt blocks at staggered stations, instead of one long, hard to handle plank ?

  2. Very nice indeed ,you folks are very talented and all the best to you and please stay safe . Excellent videos and instructional at same time . See you next time .

  3. It would be more accurate if you do not lap the spilling battens on top of each other, instead use a small piece of plywood gusset and attach the two battens together so they would lay flat.

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