Progress and Productivity with Acorn to Arabella

These strange days, you never know where opportunity or amusement may find you. For the Acorn to Arabella duo of Steve and Alix, it was just outside their back door at their Massachusetts home where they found inspiration for the mother of all projects: building a 35-foot wooden sailboat, Arabella. The project would not be easy, but it would be rewarding and the guys would start by harvesting wood from the trees planted on their family property by Steve’s grandfather many decades ago.  Arabella is a great example of what a little ingenuity and dogged determination can get you if you’re motivated in your own garage or backyard, which are looking like familiar places to many of us these days. These videos look back at the progress they have made in their 2-years of effort, an amazing testament to the power of a well planned and executed project, even just in your own back yard! 



5 responses to “Progress and Productivity with Acorn to Arabella

  1. Beautiful job!
    When you have all the professional equipment and the help as needed,
    a wonderful result is in the making.
    All the best,
    P.S. I am rebuilding a 1965 Chris Creaf Constellation, Hull # 570001.

  2. Just finished restoring a 1952 CC Riviera and feel for these guys. Clearly they have an expertise way above mine. Fascinating to see how they solve the various problems that come up.

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