Designing and Building Fuel Locker Covers

With a little help from his YouTube friends, boatbuilder Andy Miller has designed the locker covers for his Bertram’s fuel tanks. In a prior video, he asked for input from his viewers about how to best construct the locker covers for his Bertram restoration. Using the Coosa board and some Thixo Flex, Andy built a box that will withstand some movement and flexing in the hull, yet will be a solid, safe entry for his fuel hose.  Andy’s Boatworks Today YouTube channel is full of loyal fans who both seek and offer plenty of boating advice, and his viewers reminded Andy that simple is the better solution for many of the best ideas.



4 responses to “Designing and Building Fuel Locker Covers

  1. Nice. The only thing I would have done different is bevel the top too. That way it would shed water and actually interlocked the top when the cover is installed.

  2. I think the round-over edge does look better, and a larger radius may look better yet.
    The only issue I see with that is a larger radius may encroach on where the screws are. What about attaching a strip on the inside of the 2 uprights to move the screws inward, then going with a 1/2″ round-over?
    Just a thought.
    And by the way, I love your videos and look forward to each one.

  3. I would not have added the top piece as is, I would have cut it short to fit inside the uprights and then cut the main cover to fit up under the lip of the coaming. This would give one less seam to be seen and make it even less likely water would get in if any finds it’s way into the cockpit area.

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