Tips from a Shipwright: Another Chilean Boatyard Visit

Louis Sauzedde’s famous stature as a boatbuilding video star extends far beyond New England and the United States. Chileans in the town of Lota flocked to meet Louis when he visited their local shipyard on the shore during his visit there last year. The press and locals were there to interview the superstar and get some insight into his social media prowess. Tourism and boatbuilding are a rare combination but you can count on Louis to bring that element of stardom to his visits to these busy yards that are such a vital part of the Chilean culture.  Lou’s second boatyard visit found him in a more industrial boatyard that was building and repairing steel boats as well as some wooden ones. Join Lou as he delights in more inspiration and interrogation on the beautiful coast of Chile.


5 responses to “Tips from a Shipwright: Another Chilean Boatyard Visit

  1. Hello Lou, glad your back and have more videos of you building again!!!
    Also, I have a steaming generator I have built and would like to send to you. You can steam for up to three hours before adding water. Pleas send me an address to ship to. Any questions pls call me at 317-6911390. My name is Ernie Parvis from new Whiteland indiana. Thanks

  2. Thank you! I grew up in southern Chile around wooden boats. Go to Chiloe and see the wooden boats they use to move sheep and potatoes from the island to the mainland, beautiful boats

  3. Excellent video, Lou. Those of us who have visited Chile find the country, as you have, fascinating, challenging and very friendly. My better half and I can’t wait for the next installment!

  4. Lou,
    Your videos are amazing! Your delivery style is so relaxed and informative i cant wait to see more!
    I also have been to Chile back in the early 1970s. Its a beautiful country.

    Thank You

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