Louis Sauzedde: A Trip to Chile

Louis SsYou can catch up on Lou’s series we did with him in years past like the TotalBoat Work Skiff and the TotalBoat Sport Dory.

Catch up, binge watch and relive all you loved about the episodes when you first saw them.



21 responses to “Louis Sauzedde: A Trip to Chile

  1. Lou,
    Great to have you back! Have missed your many insights and instruction in the art of boat building. Looking forward to your next series.

  2. Hey Hollywood, it was a real shocker to see you turn up in my e-mail this morning! When you disappeared we eventually went to checking the obituaries. Very glad to see that you are still out there! Hope all is well and look forward to more of your stuff.

  3. Awesome video. Great music and drone shots.

    Idea for new Total Boat Video Series: “How much of this boat building is going on worldwide that we don’t know about?” Narrated, of course, by Lou Sauzedde!

  4. Thought the New England winter had gotten you but I now see you were enjoying summer in Chile. Good to have you back. The new series should be very interesting.

  5. hi Louis sure enjoyed your chile features. we leave for chile next tuesday to take a ship around to argentina. trying to squeeze in some travel before the boating season begins in rhode island. could use your advise on some wood issues with our grand banks.

  6. Hey Lou , they ain’t no clam,n skiffs , thats for sure ! Lot of lumber there , Looks like not the best boatbuilding lumber , but wooks for them , How long do they last ? Thanks Tom , Weymouth , Ma

  7. I like the video you did on the big Malanson , removing the butblocks , I have a 36 Malanson , Scarfed a few butts that were giving me a wee bit of trouble . thanks Tom , Weymouth , ma

  8. Great tour of the Chilean fishing boat yards! You did it again Lou. . . just watching we learn a lot. Can’t wait for the rest of the tour. God Bless!!

  9. What a terrific idea for a visit! Another great video, Lou. Desco in Florida was the last shipyard in the U.S. I I know of mass producing big wooden fishing boats. Thanks for coming back on line. Looking forward to learning more about your trip.

  10. Hey Mr Lou Glad to see you back.I talk to you on the phone about me building a small boat.I,am buying wood now and went spring comes I will start building.I need your E mail or address so I can send you pictures thanks August mamolito.

  11. Fantastic video. Heartwarming to see real shipwrights building boats in much the same way as in centuries past.
    Chile has been a leading fishery for hundreds of years, taking advantage of its close proximity to the Humboldt Currents. Family owned boats and small fleets dominated the industry. That was all changed by industrial scale overfishing by a handful of large corporations until the Chilean government stepped in with aggressive conservation programs. Based on the activity that Lou witnessed, it may be that the little guys are back in the game.

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