Acorn to Arabella: Harvesting Oak Root Stock for Knees

Winter won’t stop Alix and Steve from Acorn to Arabella from making headway on their Atkins Ketch build. Even though they are beginning to make good progress planking Arabella, they can’t help but look forward into the future of the project.  They know they will need some nicely curved pieces for knees inside the boat, and anticipate that this wood will need to be dry and ready to install down the road. Having the dried out white oak pieces ready to shape and fit will save them time and hassle.  Like Louis Sauzedde did with the breasthook of the TotalBoat Skiff, the Acorn to Arabella team is taking the time to try to find wood that naturally has the shape they need for these important structural pieces. By launching, the team is hoping to be able to say they built Arabella using wood mostly from their own property.

4 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Harvesting Oak Root Stock for Knees

    1. Good question. Short answer. Heads of over-tightened screws in boat planking countersinks will wedge apart the grain and cause the plank to split, especially hardwood planks. The brace and bit allows a more finessed approach for that last one or two turns of the screw. The user can actually feel when the screw comes in contact with drilled shoulder inside the pre-drilled and countersunk hole.

  1. I have repaired wooden boats for many years and I believe that in the long run the use of the planking “nibs” on the ends of the planks will result in these nibs splitting off along the grain lines whereas letting the plank run out to a natural pointed end will not result in a failure of these nibs. Just my 2 cents…

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