Boatworks Today: Making Hatches for the Bertram

Andy Miller has been busy reconstructing parts of his Bertram Moppie, adding strength and removing weight from some vital areas. Today he conquers the best way to template and cut hatches which will fit into the lockers he has built for the deck. Using Coosa Board for the core, Andy constructs the new hatches after a serious test fit and modification to the plywood template. In order to achieve the right height for the hatch covers, he laminates a few layers of the Coosa Board together with some High Performance Epoxy that he thickened slightly with Silica to help bond the pieces together.  After discovering a few tweaks that help him achieve a perfect fit, he ends up with pieces that should slide right into place for hatches that will look like they’ve been there since the boat was built.

Enjoy today’s video of the week! Let us know what you think about Andy’s project below!


22 responses to “Boatworks Today: Making Hatches for the Bertram

  1. Use your router to cut the pieces using your templates as guides ,perfect every time. Enjoy your videos well done and great workmanship. I learned many tips from old timer who made custom furniture.

  2. To all the Lou fans – and to you, Joe. As we have explained in past posts – we don’t employ Lou and we have asked that he involve us in his next endeavor. We sponsored 2 video series – and have been waiting to hear more so we can work with him again. WE LOVE LOU.

    But please go easy on us. Write to LOU! WE have been harassed about his absence and it’s not up to us. He’s a grown man working for himself.

    WE DO KNOW HE IS ALIVE AND WELL – and working on a new project with new video and back end support. We too treasure Lou and are exited to support him again when HE is ready. We’re waiting, too.

    Best way to reach out to Lou is Facebook. Thanks.

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