Tim Sway: Building a Guitar from a Reclaimed Ship

When the TotalBoss’s birthday came around and his family wanted to find him a special gift that acknowledged his recent affinity for playing the ukulele, we knew just who to turn to for help. TotalBoat Ambassador and YouTuber, Tim Sway, was the obvious choice for building this special project, and he was more than happy to oblige. The task was simple – or so we thought: Build Mike, TotalBoat Founder and President, a unique smaller guitar – uke sized – but with 6 strings.  We knew Tim would have some cool artistic vision to add to the project, aside from some cool epoxy inlays, but his choice of wood for the project was a very cool nod to our TotalBoat business and to the core of our company values.  Using reclaimed lumber from the Schooner Ernestina, an old fishing schooner from 1894 out of the nearby port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Tim planed and cut old pieces of salt-soaked wood into submission and eventually into a beautifully shaped acoustic mini guitar! Along the way, Tim learned a few things that he immediately put to good use by producing a second, improved version of the guitar.  The results were stunning and it was a fun project to hide from the boss, twice. Check out Tim’s very cool project! 



5 responses to “Tim Sway: Building a Guitar from a Reclaimed Ship

  1. Nice job on the guitar. Very impressive. The total boat products are quite versatile. I have had great success with them being used on my boat. Never even considered their use on a guitar. Sir, you are truly a Craftsman! Great job!

  2. Enjoyed the video. I think you are a very skilled Woodworker. Showing this process, mistakes and all, was so informative to me! I love playing my guitar daily but it is one from Taylor Guitars. I may try to make a ukulele after watching your video.

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