Gone Cruising: Meet the Spoondrifters

Todd and Tammy Smith have purchased a hurricane-damaged 1981 Morgan 462. This ketch-rigged sailboat will be their home, their school and their vehicle to take their family on a round-the-world voyage. But first, they have to fix it and bring it back to sailing condition. They have a lot of work to do and not a ton of boating experience. The Smiths have been touring the country and homeschooling some of their 10 kids in their RV for the past 5 years, so they know the joys of cramped living and maintaining systems that are integral to surviving. They’re ready to throw all they got at boat ownership as they repair and upgrade this boat to be ocean ready for a family passage around the world.  Today’s video shows their joy in discovering how easy TotalFair Fairing Compound is to use on their hull – and even the kids think it’s “fun” to work with! Meet the Spoondrifters – another family taking a stab at the Sailing YouTuber career path.  Enjoy!

10 responses to “Gone Cruising: Meet the Spoondrifters

    1. Ha! That would be hard. We have ten kids, but only four of them will be cruising with us. We have had as many as seven traveling with us in the RV. ???

  1. I don’t agree with R. Mauser’s comments. Yes sounds insane, 10 kids, camping and boating. But what GREAT people to endure and live the “other” life. God bless them and their kids. The children will approach life with a vision of the world that 85% or more of our children will never experience.

    1. Thanks Brian!

      We have seen so many great blessings in living a life of adventure with our kids. Those who have left our home after traveling have said the experience has taught them so much.

  2. My wife thinks she met your family last month at the roanoake aquarium in the STAR center. Were you there last month?

    1. Hi Rick,

      Nope, not us. We have not been in that area recently. But there are an amazing number of families starting to live this lifestyle. ?

  3. My husband and I enjoyed the video a lot. We have so many good memories with our kids related to sailing and canoeing. All good wishes as you continue your project and start on the next journey. 🙂

    1. Think I must agree with R Mauser. Parents and a family of 10 children. Beautiful thought. Speak to people like Herb Smith of the Appledore fleet up in Maine. Good luck and god bless!

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