Cutting & Fiberglassing with Boatworks Today

Andy Miller can’t wait to get out on the Lake and get boating, but it will be a while because he still has plenty of work left to do on his Bertram Moppie restoration. This week he gives us a lesson in using Polyester Laminating Resin and goes into why he chooses to use it over epoxy resin in some places, and not in others. Andy laminates 1708 fiberglass cloth to coosa board shapes that are cut out to fit as knees in hidden places, which will give these important structural pieces even more strength. Upgraded, modern materials like this offer great alternatives to materials that you may be used to but are harder to work with. As always it’s a matter of using the right product at the right time. You can count on Andy to set us straight in today’s video – have a look!

Follow along with Andy’s entire Moppie project here.

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8 responses to “Cutting & Fiberglassing with Boatworks Today

  1. Very nice work one question I have a 1975 Stamos I need to replace some stringers should I use the Coosa board or something else

  2. I thought this guy knew fiberglass until I saw his video fixing a hole in a boat, he did the hole multi layer backwards with his small fiberglass hole filler to large layup schedule for the hole repair is the reverse of what West system teaches. I ‘ll go with large fiberglass cloth to small fiberglass on a hole repair. Watch West System on hole repair on the correct way to fiberglass a hole repair. Listen to why the bond is stronger large cloth in the hole first puts long bond edge to your tapered hole repair.

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