Acorn to Arabella: The Garboard Plank

It’s been a few years in the making and many more in the dreaming stages, but Arabella is finally ready for her first and most important plank – the garboard plank. This plank is of particular importance because it is the first plank laid and it ties the frames down to the centerline. This is also the place where the boat is under the most strain. It’s an important part of the boat to get right, and as such Alix and Steve have called in an expert with experience, friend Thad is on hand to make sure they do it right. There is a lot of measuring and patterning involved with installing the garboard plank, and as you’ve come to expect from this pair, there will be no corners cut and no shortcuts taken in getting to their final, perfect fit.  Have a look!

This episode of Acorn to Arabella’s back yard boatbuilding series is also a showing of some impressive clamps! Check out their wide assortment of sizes and shapes – and even their strapping clamp system at the end is an ingenious way to put constant pressure where needed.  Alix and Steve are never lacking ingenuity or energy. Let’s try to keep up with them! They are working fast! Who here recalls a year or so ago when they were under fire for pouring their lead keel? They’ve come a long way! And before long we will be posting about them installing the Whiskey Plank! Stay tuned!



6 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: The Garboard Plank

  1. I would love for you to try a new glue,especially for scarfing that is much easier, cheaper and much stronger than resourcinol (spelling?) Grizzly Glue. I’ve built 3 boats with it and have never looked back. I Wil send you a free sample if you like. I really like your video and what you are doing

  2. I have built plank on frame boats but the scale of mine is very,very small compare to this one.
    I am amazed how you figure out the method and angles of attachment.

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