Collective Wisdom from TotalBoat Ambassadors

If you are one of the many customers who are missing our favorite shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, rest easy. Lou is alive and well and working on his next big thing. Lucky for us and for you, we have been working with Lou for years and as such have a great collection of videos he’s made for us.  Louis is the original TotalBoat Ambassador, proving his depth of knowledge and gift for teaching us all long before the skiff and dory projects. And he has inspired so many others who also have made great additions to our video library and our TotalBoat Ambassador team. Please, open your mind and your shops to projects that might be outside your current skill set. Lean on Lou and Jimmy Diresta, Andy Miller and the Acorn to Arabella team, Modustrial Maker, Evan and Katelyn, Jackman and all the others who are part of our team of  Ambassadors. They want to show you new techniques and fun builds that may never see your bench, but are fun to watch. Inspiration comes in many forms and when you least expect it. So dive into the TotalBoat YouTube Channel and dig into the amazing offering of how-tos and DIY videos we are busy harvesting for you.    

When we discovered all the different uses for our products being done by makers, we thought it would be great to share some of these unusual projects with you and give you some inspiration.

Some recent projects to check out are a super cool, bug infused river table serving board by Chris Burton at A Glimpse Inside. Burl’s Art made an amazing epoxy guitar using our ThickSet Epoxy.  Bobby Duke just made this outrageous wooden bucket with colored pencils splashing out (you have to see this… entertainment value is a 10!) and Modustrial Mike just poured this very cool canyon epoxy and concrete coffee table .

And that’s just these past few weeks!  Of course our steadfast videos of the boats and all the boating things – varnishing – repairs – mold making, Boatworks Today – LOU and Tips from A Shipwright – The Dory and SKiff Series – it’s all on our YouTube Channel in one tidy spot. Subscribe to our channel and keep up to date with all the cool projects and people doing cool things. It’s hard to keep up but we’re trying!



5 responses to “Collective Wisdom from TotalBoat Ambassadors

  1. I would rather wait for Lou to have a few episodes finished before he starts presenting. Its tough when you get into a series and it slows down because of the time it takes to build a boat and to produce videos.
    Thanks Total Boat for everything you do for the boating community.

  2. I do like your products and the way they are presented and the info that comes with them but a BIG reason that I trust them is because of Lou. The videos of Lou at work and useing your products gives even more confidence in them so if you are having a spat with lou fix it cause I could go back to that other, big epoxy company.

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