Meet The Salvation Navy: Boating Videos & How-To’s

TotalBoat customer & filmmaker, Matt Cline, wrote a review to tell us how much he loves using TotalBoat on his 1973 Herreshoff America Catboat restoration.  This sweet little catboat is not Matt’s first restoration, so he’s no stranger to the various jobs that can be involved with restoring an older fiberglass hull that has suffered from a little neglect. Nevertheless – Matt is diving in, making this boat something he is proud to sail and he’s happy to show us all the steps along the way. In today’s video, Matt uses the TotalBoat Polishing Kit to restore tired gelcoat topsides he assumed needed new paint. After a wash, buff & wax though, Matt is thrilled to learn all it needed was elbow grease and some TotalBoat and it looks as good as new!  in hand, we hope Matt finds his project list a little shorter and easier, leaving him more time to sail and edit videos to share on his Salvation Navy restoration series, and his YouTube channel

Not only is Matt and his family out and sailing already, but he’s so happy with the work he’s done that he’s picked up another Herreshoff Eagle gaff-rigged sloop to restore. Matt, as a talented cinematographer, does a great job with his YouTube channel and with his video series. He is a passionate sailor who enjoys the off-season projects, and who is not afraid to take on a new challenge. Give Matt’s most recent video a thumbs up and subscribe to his Salvation Navy channel for the latest on his on and off the water escapades with his expanding fleet of boats!   Thanks for watching!


9 responses to “Meet The Salvation Navy: Boating Videos & How-To’s

  1. I am restoring a 1978 mainship trawler. I love the total boat line of products, some of the other brands get so confusing to work with and love how total boat keeps it so simple to understand and use.. good luck on your project ??

    1. Hey travis, would LOVE to see some pics of your project. I have a Facebook page for the Salvation Navy if you want to join and post some restoration pics. I have had nothing but great success with TotalBoat products as well and I know what you mean about products being hard to follow their instructions. I even have a little chemistry background (and am married to a chemist) and I have still managed to botch up some of the mixing/prep instructions on other stuff. Thanks for your comment and like I said, hope to see you on the FB page and some pics of your efforts.

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  3. Great job and excellent product recommendations. I, too, have switched to TotalBoat for many products and are very happy. I have also been a Jamestown customer since 1982. On the gelcote restoration, can I suggest a coat of coconut oil to restore the lost oils? You’d be amazed at what it will do for that “dry skin”!

  4. searched several times but don’t seem to find the discount code
    I receive your emails almost on a daily basis. Thanks

  5. Hi – Incredible job and love that you’re saving these boats from being destroyed! I just bought a Herreshoff America and would love to pick your brain about a few details if you have a spare moment.
    Derek Borg
    St. Simons Island GA

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