Making a Fiberglass Panel with Boatworks Today

Last week Boatworks Today marine repair wizard,  Andy Miller, started a great conversation about which resin system is preferred for fiberglass boat repairs: epoxy resin or polyester resin. Today, Andy takes us further into the issue as he lays up a panel of fiberglass using our TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin.  Andy contends that both ways work and today’s repair has some clever steps to help lighten his workload and make the finishing process easier. Andy’s goal is to create a panel that is smooth and fair and will be perfect for some paint, just like your own gelcoat topsides.  Enjoy Andy’s great tutorial for laminating fiberglass using Polyester Laminating Resin instead of epoxy.

8 responses to “Making a Fiberglass Panel with Boatworks Today

  1. The chat is nice but with no explanation of the actual layup process and details to pay attention to while it screams by in fast forward it’s useless.

  2. Why did you choose to alternate chopped strand mat and 1708, especially for a smooth surface like this? The “08” in 1708 is 8 oz (per sq yd) chopped strand mat which is bonded to the 17 oz glass roving layer. The reason one uses 1708 is usually because it HAS a layer of chopped strand in it to fill between the roving layers. Why does one need to add an additional layer of mat?
    I can see doing it the way you described just to make the panel thicker, since the mat is cheaper than the 1708, but that isn’t why you said you were doing it.
    That said, I can see adding a layer of chopped strand mat on top of the last 1708 layer to prevent the roving print through you were mentioning.
    Anyway, just wondering…

  3. I brought my Festool Rotex in 2012. I purchased the sander to help wit refinishing oak flooring in a circa 1945 home. About 900 square feet in all. Like you said no uncomfortable vibration and hand going numb. I used it when building my Chesapeake Light Craft Nor”easter Dory. Made finishing the epoxy lay-ups so easy!

    I also enjoyed your video on how to lay-up a fiberglass panel!

  4. Thumbs up on the lay up. Why didn’t you use more gel-cote for the surface fairing instead of the epoxy compound ? Wouldn’t a flood coat of gel-cote be easier, faster and cheaper ??

  5. The plastic roll you are used is Carpet Tack or Carpet Mask, it is used to keep paint and dirty footprints off carpet.

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