TotalBoat YouTube Ambassadors: Lessons in Learning

We’ve enjoyed discovering lots of new talents who are using and loving TotalBoat and sharing their experiences with their followers. YouTube, specifically, has become a playground for makers and builders, dreamers and doers. Our TotalBoat Ambassadors are there creating videos of their boats and boards or are busy dreaming up the next big thing. There is something to be learned from all of them – whether it’s Lou Sauzedde’s “hang over and cut” method or Paul Jackman showing us how to buff epoxy to a brilliant, clear shine.  Lots of the advice is – as ever – “take it or leave it,” but we think it’s worth your time to follow these makers who push the limits of their imagination, who aren’t afraid to try and to fail and then to show you that process. Enjoy revisiting some of our Ambassador’s best videos and consider supporting them on their Patreon accounts to show them that you appreciate their work and the time it takes to film their projects – good and bad – and then edit it into a video so that they can share their ideas with all of us.  Move over, weekly DIY TV shows, YouTube is here to serve you on demand how-tos of any and every variety. Dig in!

You can start by revisiting some old favorites from Tips from a Shipwright, or learn something from the Acorn to Arabella boys – in case you ever want to build your own 40-foot sailboat out back,. We don’t share these videos because we hope you will also build yourself a massive waterfront home, (ok – we do hope you’ll build one – start now!)

Here are a few of our playlists that will help you with your viewing.

BOATWORKS TODAY – Repairing the Bertram Moppie

Woodworking with Epoxy Resin 

Tips from A Shipwright videos 

Tips From a Shipwright TotalBoat SKIFF Series 

Tips from A Shipwright TotalBoat Sport DORY Series



4 responses to “TotalBoat YouTube Ambassadors: Lessons in Learning

  1. Louis
    Thank goodness
    When when are you starting another project
    You have many many followers, apprentices, waiting your next project however small
    Many willing to pay on you for series
    Can you perhaps ???
    Still watch dory

    Thanks again
    Bill McLellan

  2. I remember the firs boat I made in plyood epoxy in1971. it was a small boat 2.8meters long for 1.2 with a 12 hp. I stell have it. it was very fast, 25 knt and very stable. the epoxy was a LY554 from Ciba as I can remember. I put a clothe only for its draings e vernish it it stil is nice but must be repainted. The projec is mine. now I am makig a new project fo a six meter log boat runig on motor. It wil be made for speeds of 20 knts

  3. I’d like to echo Bill,we need more Lou! This transom work was just what I needed to see this week.

  4. I’m looking for a answer. I took engine and transit out boat. The layer of wood layers is still good but need reglued IN between the thin gaps of layers. What water proof glue can i get in the small gaps? I was thinking like use a needle to applied it

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