Acorn to Arabella: Milestones & A Celebration!

We loved hosting Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella when they came to Rhody recently for the JD Tent Sale. Customers and fans were excited to meet the busy boatbuilding duo and lend a hand and some muscle making rivets with them under the tent. The YouTube celebrities will have much to celebrate at their upcoming Open House on May 4th. They just reached 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel (a major feat!) and have hired a video editor to help them get to weekly videos starting today!  (another major feat!) Today they show us how the completed disassembling Victoria, a bittersweet moment for them, but a testament to their commitment to reuse as much of her bones as possible, and breathe new life into the soul of that old Atkins sailboat. 


2 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Milestones & A Celebration!

  1. 13000 a month from patrons and people donating money and they complained that they don’t have any that they bought health insurance from the proceeds of these people sending money in Jamestown Distributors supporting them seeing all brand-new equipment saws welders whatever $10,000 in bronze to put in floors that could have been easily and probably stronger done in White Oak than the bronze will ever be is just seems like an awfully big scam I’m sorry I put my own boat together with my own money never asking for help financially from anybody these people quit a job that would I would assume what’s good playing to pursue their dreams and their dreams of being supported by other people it’s not right I’m sorry I watch them from the beginning and I think they’re more in it for the money then building a boat

    1. I’m glad to see two young guys finding a way to realize their dreams while they’re still young. Building a boat like this during nights after work and weekends with spare savings might take an amateur decades; or it might never be finished. I’m enjoying their build vicariously and am happy to see them sponsored. They’re supporting themselves by letting others watch and learn from their build, but I don’t think they’re becoming terribly wealthy through this enterprise.

      Anyhow, how’s this any different than patronizing other forms of performance art? Ever pay money to see a play or a live concert? Ever go to the movies? That’s essentially what Acorn to Arabella is for their sponsors and viewers.

      P.S. There is a rich tradition in the English language of using punctuation to help readers understand your meaning. Please consider it for your next rant.

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