Boatworks Today: Reinforcing the Transom

When boat repair wizard, Andy Miller of YouTube channel, Boatworks Today, bought this recently restored Bertram Moppie, he was not expecting to redo most of what the previous owner had already restored.  But a close examination of the repairs didn’t make Andy confident in the work that had been done, so redoing it was his best option. Andy uses our Traditional 5:1 Epoxy Resin thickened with Silica for great strengthening and bonding.  Five layers of 1708 fiberglass will definitely add structural integrity when soaked with the epoxy, and as suspected, Andy is well on his way to a beefy, stable and rock-solid transom. 

Using EC Cutter electric shears that cut through the fiberglass “like butter,”  saves Andy time and allows him to make a neat pile of the graduated fiberglass pieces he uses to reinforce the transom.  He set himself up a production area, soaks the plastic with resin, then the glass, and then adds more as needed – pushing any excess out with his gloved hands or with a roller. There is much to learn here: Don’t be afraid to find defects in what appear to be decent repairs. And then add a little time and material and you’re rewarded with years of use and comfort in knowing the repair was done – or redone – correctly! Enjoy!



10 responses to “Boatworks Today: Reinforcing the Transom

  1. Andy,
    What type of cloth are you using?

    p.s. Might have to order a pair of those cutters myself. Not only a time saver but looks like they do a neater job as well.

  2. Andy – great site. I am planning to caulk my varnished teak boarding steps with the SIS-440. Would you caulk, then apply a fresh coat of varnish, or the other way around?



    1. Presuming the teak is in planks I would varnish, re-sand the seams, tape off them caulk. Make sure to strike the seam really well with a plastic knife then pull tape right away ?

  3. Love watching this type of content!
    If it wasnt for boatworks today i would not know how awesome Total fair 2 part epoxy filler is and how to use it right!
    thanks totalboat!
    PS sponsor mads too

  4. Hey Andy, really enjoy your informative videos. However, your music tracks really suck. Not as bad as elevator music…but close. How about some jam music from the Dead as a suggestion. Keep ’em coming bro.

  5. Andy,
    Could you please tell me the respirator and cartridges you use to protect against fiberglass sanding? And do you use different cartridges when working with resins, epoxy, etc. Love your videos and appreciate your time and effort teaching others your craft. Maybe a video on “boring but necessary” safety/personal protective equipment???


  6. OK, OK so you’ve made me feel guilty.
    I’ve been learning from your videos and done nothing in return for all you have taught me. The knowledge you provide is outstanding. I just started a monthly donation of $10 before sending this note. I’m cheap and know I should be sending more but cannot afford to at this time. I hope others, who read my comments, will start feeling guilty for all they learn from you and start contributing if they are not.
    I would like to buy through your store but can not find it on Amazon. Please send me the site name.

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