Video: The Making of Jackman’s Giant Epoxy Screwdriver

Our email to you last week promised a video to follow up and show the ingenious process used by TotalBoat Ambassador, Paul Jackman, in the making of his giant epoxy screwdriver. Rotocasting his resin parts using our super clear High-Performance Epoxy Resin, Paul was able to avoid showing any lines or layers of the epoxy. He used blue pigment for the collar and then painted red Elixir paint (yep – in a bag!) onto all the right places on the clear handle. We’re sure you knew this – but the colors are very specific to the type of screwdriver (i.e. Phillips Head or Regular) and Paul went to great lengths to create what appears to be a perfect 4x replica of his trusty Craftsman Slotted Screwdriver.  Last week we showed you a few of the steps he took, but today we are excited to share Paul’s entertaining video about how he got it made. Enjoy!

Check out all of Paul’s clever videos on his YouTube Channel and subscribe for all the good stuff delivered to your inbox when Paul launches something new on his channel. Leave your comments for Paul below -and if you have to ask…”WHY,?” don’t bother! (Call it DIwhY-not?)


6 responses to “Video: The Making of Jackman’s Giant Epoxy Screwdriver

  1. Great job on the screwdriver and a clever way for your sponsors to demonstrate working with epoxy. By the way, your choice of background music was interesting. The tune starting at about 1:14 was really good…could you give me the name of the artists or band and the title?

  2. Interesting example of “single unit production flow”
    Really like your choices for sound track: you might consider sharing.
    I’ve got a whole set of those ole ******man screwdrivers and use the biggest one all the time!

    Capt’n Ron

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