Boatworks Today: Final Sanding of the Foredeck

Back in Andy Miller’s Boatworks Today boat shop, it’s likely no surprise to see him again up on the bow of his Bertram Moppie. With a few coats of TotalBoat’s TotalFair epoxy based filling and fairing compound, Andy is ready to do the final sanding work and prepare the surface for finish coats of primer and then gelcoat or paint. He again leans on help from his longboard and power tools that almost have the job down enough to just do it for him! Tune in and enjoy this week’s video of the week!


7 responses to “Boatworks Today: Final Sanding of the Foredeck

  1. Great video. I have an old ( 1969) Chris Craft Commander, and my biggest concern is trying to match the “cream” colored gel coat, after repairing stress cracks. Any suggestions?

  2. People are making some pretty cool tools today. Wish I would have had the electric long board when I was building my airplane. That said, I’m surprised someone hasn’t made an electric radius sander. On the Gemini Cat I’m currently working on to paint the topside, the hand sanding of the radius’s is killing my thumbs.

    Great work on the videos by the way and I totally agree with you about the Total Boat Total Fair.

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