Fairing A Fiberglass Deck

With ample time, polyresin and fiberglass applied to the foredeck, Andy Miller’s Bertram Moppie is well on its way to becoming a better boat. The next steps are sanding, filling and fairing the fiberglass weave using an ample coating of TotalFair and the Flexisander Fairing Board. In only two coats of fairing compound, Andy is able to smooth out the surface, leaving a perfect, pinhole-free substrate that’s ready for sanding.

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10 responses to “Fairing A Fiberglass Deck

  1. Can you please add a link for the Flexisander [sp?]trowel? For large areas I’ve been using a plastic drywall knife. These seem to be a bit longer and better for large areas.

  2. Oh, a quick question, How does the Total Boat compare with the West System fairing compound? I’ve been using 407 for the most part as it seems tougher than the 410, and the 410 isn’t recommended under dark colors. Does the Total Boat sand easier than both? Either? How do you think it compares cost wise?
    Also, I noticed you did a wipe down after the fist coat of filler had set up. what was the reason for that?
    Thanks again,

    1. Robert,
      I get it. I think when I looked at the video the first time I thought Andy did a wipe down of filler after it had set up and before sanding. I was wondering if that was some sort of “blush” issue like with W.S. After looking at the video again I realized the wipe down was after the first round of sanding. Opps… The Total Boat Compound does seem to have a pretty long working time which is nice. Wonder how it compares cost-wise to W.S.? I’ve gone through quite a bit of WS and fillers on my 29′ project. Probably at 15 gallons at this point including structural reinforcements. That stuff isn’t cheap.

  3. At the beginning of the video, the glass appears to have a coat or two of white gelcoat. Why bother with the gelcoat if you are going to fair the deck with the total boat fairing compound. you could have laid the fairing compound right over the fiberglass. so why did you apply the gelcoat?

  4. I’m using all polyester resin and fairing putty. I used laminating resin to fiberglass a cabin on my boat. Is it necessary to use finishing resin to cure it before i apply the fairing, or can I use the putty over the laminating resin?

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