Restoring Tally Ho: An Update from the Boatyard

We’re back on the West Coast in Washington State where experienced boat builder and sailor, Leo Goolden is completely restoring an older English Channel Cutter. “Tally Ho.”  Leo knew he had a big project on his hands but wasn’t planning on reframing the whole boat – a project he is halfway through. He is relying heavily on a few key pieces of equipment, like his Ship’s Saw, which gets some well-deserved love and upkeep in this episode.  Another project that wasn’t on the list but needs some attention is sealing up the planing table. Of course, we sent Leo some TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy to help keep the table in great shape out in the elements for years to come – and we think he might be out there for a few years to come…

Leo has a small army of help on hand at any one time, and gets to many more projects on the list, like patterning and cutting out the sternpost. This is a milestone in the build as it’s an important piece of the hull joining the keel to the rudder, eventually! Watch Leo and this week’s team make quick work of more framing and these other important projects. In a build or re-build like Leo’s every step is a major milestone! And speaking of milestones, Leo’s Sampson Boatbuilding YouTube Channel is about to hit 100,000 subscribers which is a major accomplishment. Head over to Leo’s channel page and Subscribe if you don’t already. Help push Leo up over 100,000 followers! Congrats to Leo and enjoy!


12 responses to “Restoring Tally Ho: An Update from the Boatyard

  1. I have totally enjoyed your videos over the past year. England, Southeast USA and Seattle. You have great presence on the screen and are sharing the same love of sailboats which caused me to rebuild a fiberglass 40′ from the 1950’s which received a stove in starboard hull in the 1990’s. Cheers!!

    1. Jeff are you serious! the next thing you will say is wood dust is going to kill everyone despite the fact they have been building wood boats for 1000’s of yeas!
      Ir worse still the pencils the bird is chewing with give it graphite poisoning.
      the birds owner live on site and will take any precautions necessary.
      cheers warren

  2. I have not looked through the other comments to see if anyone else picked up this.
    I believe that I saw an exotic bird in the shop. Then I saw what may be a Teflon coated skillet on the stove. If this is the case then you are putting your beloved in great danger. The off gassing from Teflon is highly toxic to birds. Please find another skillet.

  3. Wonderful videos (watched them all)! I have a daughter stationed at
    Port Angeles in the USCG. Told her to stop by if she’s in the area. She
    loves sailing vessels and has been aboard mine quite a few times.
    You’re doing a quality rebuild! Thank you !

  4. I’ve been a long time supporter of Leo and this project. I encourage everyone to do the same , a few dollar a month on Patreon will make a huge difference.
    The is not just any old boat this is the !927 Fastnet Race winner , Beating Joise Brist(?) another classic that is still sailing! and the only other yacht to finished that race as conditions were so bad! This yacht need to make the 100th anniversary of that race!
    Thank you to Total Boat for stepping up with some support.
    Cheers Warren

  5. Leo, my name is Jerry Katz, and I think your project is great. I spent 30 years in cooperate sales, and 5 years on top of that teaching high school math in downtown Los Angeles. I was in charge of sales for five states in the midwest for Mercury Marine, 35 years ago. I also spent 5 years restoring a Tollycraft 28 foot ply-core express cruiser. You are right in removing any bad wood you may have purchased and installed, because you must not use any faulty wood in your boat, no matter how much longer it may take you. My cell phone number is 805 210 1825. Send me yours, and Ill send you pictures of my completed tollycraft project. As you know my tollycraft was built in Washington. I was a small contributor to two 90 foot wooden sail boats, newly built in San Pedro about 20 years ago, the Lexy and the Irving. Great project, sorry about your finger, but keep the good work going. I am now retired, and live in Lake Havasu City, where I have two boats, one being the Tollycraft. My hobby is building, and I did everything on my Tollycraft from fiberglassing, woodworking, plumbing, electrical, and finishing. PS, the person who sold you inferior wood was either dumb, or a crook, and I think he was the latter because he must have known about his bad wood quality. Pay more for good, clear marine grade wood from now on, it is worth it (as you already know). Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll send you pictures of my boats when you get back to me. My big thing was going to Catalina Island with my boats, and I have done that every 50 times. I also had an article published in Sea Magazine back in 2000, about how to take a small boat over to Catalina. Again, take care, and I look hearing back from you….Jerry Katz

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