Framing and Upcycling with Acorn to Arabella

The Atkins ketch Arabella has rounded a corner in her “from-the-ground-up construction. As of this week, Arabella is fully framed, with all of the individual frames steamed and bent into their permanent home. Steve and Alix have been busy arranging for this part of the build as they await a donation of white cedar which they plan to use for planking.  Finishing the framing is a big step for the team which continues to attract skilled help from their audience.  With extra hands around their boat shed, the framing is finished and with time to kill while awaiting the cedar delivery, it’s a perfect opportunity to get into their parts boat, Victoria, and start to take her apart. Victoria is a treasure trove of mahogany panels and parts, a beautiful binnacle, various pieces of brass and bronze hardware, portholes, light fixtures and lots more! Salvaging these parts is a great way to fill the time waiting for their wood delivery. 

Once the white cedar arrives from their viewer donation, the boys and their team can start to dream about their next step – planking.  Once Arabella starts getting planked, she will adopt her form and begin to truly resemble their future home.  Check out the progress from the team at Acorn to Arabella.

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