Paul Jackman’s Life-Sized Nutcracker

TotalBoat Ambassador and savage woodworker, Paul Jackman, rarely does things in minimal fashion. Paul tends to go big – to “Jackman Size” his pieces, like the massive box cutter he made and now his latest build, a life-sized Nutcracker. Never shying away from labor intensive or complicated projects, Paul’s recent build was a true labor of love, with over 50 wooden rings constructed, glued and then pieced together in sections. Paul’s wooden friend is over 6-feet tall and is a brilliant execution of his many talents. His other talent is filmmaking, with Paul’s YouTube channel growing to over 220,000 subscribers, his followers are fans of his clever editing and engaging videos. Check out Paul’s latest project in today’s video.

Paul’s pal was finished with a clear oil to maintain the wooden guy look, and he used our TotalGold One-Part Gold paint for some accents on his friend’s costume. Gold paint completed the outfit of the wooden nutcracker, with perfect accents of the bright gold on the arms, legs and cap of Paul’s creation. We are happy to share another great video and fun build with wacky Jackman. Enjoy!

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  1. In the story, Clara’s brother Fritz was jealous and broke the Nutcracker’s jaw by trying to open an extra-hard nut. Something tells me that he’d have a hard time with this one. Amazing project!

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