Jackman’s Wavy Segmented Bowl (with Epoxy!)

It was fun to entertain our newest TotalBoat Ambassador, Paul Jackman, last week. Paul was doing a New England tour, visiting his old stomping grounds of Rhode Island, and stopping off to see Grandma and some nearby family. We convinced Paul to join us for our weekly Shop Night and told him to invite some fellow makers – resulting in our first Maker Meet Up at the TotalBoat HQ. Paul’s personality is as big as he is (at about 6’6 – just a guess), and his following really appreciates his unique blend of humor, slick video editing skills and expert woodworking. Paul is a master of his craft, and as such pushes the envelope each time to takes on a new project. 

Paul’s recent project and video on his “Wavy Segmented Bowl” is a perfect example of the talent and creativity that makes maker Jackman stand out above the others.  His Segmented Bowl is a vision of scrap wood pieces artfully formed into a gorgeous wood bowl that highlights a variety of species of wood, with the highlight, of course, being the circle of red tinted epoxy resin that he incorporated into the bowl.  Paul uses the 2:1 High-Performance Epoxy to create the epoxy piece that he then planes and cuts into shapes to form a circle.

Other than being highly entertained by Paul’s sparkling personality and excellent videos, you’re certain to pick up a few cool tips from Paul for making your own bowl, epoxy pieces or turned wood thing… and why not try your hand at something new – like a bowl, an epoxy feature or even making a video about your own work. Turns out, people like watching people make stuff!





5 responses to “Jackman’s Wavy Segmented Bowl (with Epoxy!)

  1. What a SUPER COOL Bowl!

    I was surprised to see you using a Miter Set device to set the miter cutting angle for all of the little pieces for the bowl!

    I thought you would be interested in a discussion on the Miter Set devices on LuberJocks.com…


    I was really surprised to see you make a ring out of that Super COOL Total Boat epoxy! I used some of the Gleam 2.0 penetrating epoxy on a Walnut Sign I made for a cousin of mine… worked Great!

    Anyway, I just had to let you know more about the Miter Set gizmo that was used to cut the segments… Set it for the number of pieces you want the circle to be and start cutting them. Just vary the length of the pieces to control the ring diameters! COOL jigs!!

    Thank you very much… I really enjoyed watching you make this GREAT Wavy bowl!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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