Holiday Making and Gifting with Epoxy

We were excited to discover that a few of our maker friends created holiday gifts using TotalBoat Epoxy. When TotalBoat Ambassadors Evan and Katelyn decided to team up with fellow YouTube Maker, David Picciuto from Make Something TV, resin crafting and creating was in full swing and the holiday spirit only added to the creativity. Check out the makers two different holiday projects and accompanying videos that are a whole lot of fun and hopefully a little inspiration for you to make your own holiday resin gifts. 

Evan and Katelyn are our latest addition to the TotalBoat Ambassador team because we appreciate their videos which share their mistakes and lessons. Their shtick is that they don’t know how to do it. They like learning and experimenting and we’ve been happy to watch and help them figure out the epoxy game. As you may have noticed, the woodworkers have taken to epoxy resin and they aren’t all building canoes and river tables. We have customers building ornaments like Evan and Katelyn, as well as serving boards, and hey – little old-timey candle holder Christmas Tree decorations.

David Picciuto, who is naturally another YouTubing woodworker,  leans on the nearly “expert!” Evan and Katelyn to help him succeed at his first epoxy project. David’s little resin trees are fun and easy using our super clear and cooperative High Performance 2:1 Epoxy system. Even if you don’t have a special 3D printer for fancy cutouts, you can use cookie cutters or foil or other fun things found in craft stores. Fill em up! Let them cure and sand! We make the epoxy part easy – as David discovers. So leap into some fun with your bottles of resin at home and get creative. ‘Tis the season to make cool things!



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  1. I am looking for a flat, non shine finish on my teak and mahogany inside my boat. What is the best product to use for this and how do I tell the difference in product descriptions when I am ordering stains.

    1. John – Try Gleam in the satin finish. You will need to build coats using Gleam Gloss and then do your topcoat with the satin. Call us if you need support or have any questions!

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