Making a Live Edge Waterfall Table

Woodworker, April Wilkerson, is a favorite YouTuber of ours for her simple, easy to follow how-to videos. It seems there isn’t anything April can’t do, and this video is proof. She takes a slab of beautiful live-edged wood and cuts, fills and finishes it into a gorgeous waterfall coffee table.  April uses our TotalBoat 2:1 Epoxy to fill the cracks in the wood so that the gorgeous continuous grain that flows over the side from the top of the table down the leg, is a smooth surface with no ugly voids. Follow along with April as she takes us into her amazing shop and the process of creating this beautiful table.


7 responses to “Making a Live Edge Waterfall Table

  1. WOW, terrific amount of space to work in and then the quality of your tools ..but I was nodding in agreement and smiling widely as you showed how to work smart, using two chisels to clean up and the plywood cauls to clamp to…delight to see a craftsman work.

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