Q&A Time with Louis on the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Lou is getting pretty close to finishing up and launching his TotalBoat Sport Dory!!! In this week’s Episode, Lou answers some great questions from the audience as well as taking a close look at how he installs the guards and inwales.

The guards go on first and are made out of one long piece of lumber. Lou cuts a 45-degree bevel on the bottom side of each guard using a fence attached to a table saw. The pieces will then be bedded down with polysulfide and wood screws.

The inwales are slightly more complicated. Made out of much lighter pieces of lumber they will run inside the boat from the breasthook all the way to the transom. We need to transfer a series of angles and measurements in order to get the fit close and then use a final saw-fit cut to make the piece fit tightly into position. The inwales are then secured to the boat with rivets that go directly through the guards and each frame.

Watch Today’s video here:

12 responses to “Q&A Time with Louis on the TotalBoat Sport Dory

  1. Hi Lou, I’ve been working wood for a long time also and was a bit concerned with your table saw used without an insert. I use the aluminum insert to trace out half a dozen inserts on 1/2″ MDO plywood and then simply raise the blade up through them to achieve the same result at various angles. I learn a lot from your videos. Thank You.

    1. Good tip Andy. Me too. I have about 15 of them for various angles and dado blade thicknesses.

      Lou, dory looks amazing. Incredible skill and attention to detail

  2. Hi Lou, thanks for all the inspiration for boat building. I would like to ask you what you think would be the best style boat and or plans for my first boat to build ?

    Going to try a come see you at the Seaport net year.


  3. Nice work, (as always), Lou. I’ve always enjoyed your choice of modern and traditional tools to complete a procedure.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the smile on your face on launch day!


  4. I know you talk about not using an insert on the table saw, but most factory inserts will allow you to tilt 45degress…. or use a zero clearance insert….
    great work Lou!

  5. Another great episode on the building of the Dory.

    I really enjoyed the question and answer part.

    Lou is an outstanding boat builder and protectionist.
    Thanks for including all of us in this project.

  6. Again, A fun video especially with all the questions and your answers. I too can’t wait to see the finish on the breast plate. So each week anticipation builds for the next video!! Now you have us all anticipating the 23ft skiff build!

    Brian H.

  7. Hi Lou,

    The dory looks great! It’s amazing to me how quickly it came together.
    I enjoyed the Q&A. And hats off to Halsey what a great team you make.
    I would love to see the 23ft skiff build.

  8. LOU, I have enjoyed watching you build your dory from raw wood to a thing of beauty. What an amazing set of skills you have I have followed along as you build and understood about 20% of what you did but I was in awe of how you did it.
    It is a truly a privilege to watch a craftsman take the knowledge that in most cases comes from a past long forgotten. Putting that knowledge to work in the 21st century to build something so different and special.

    I’ve watched you so much you are like an old friend explaining some complicated repair and making it sound so simple. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks of you as our internet friend. So buddy keep up the good work you are certainly appreciated around here.

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