Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 26 – The Wooden Boat Show

The Wooden Boat Show brought together Tips from a Shipwright star, Louis Sauzedde with many of his fans. The TotalBoat Sport Dory greeted people at the door and attracted new followers who admired her beautiful lines and marveled at her plastic frames.  In Episode 26, come and follow Lou around the grounds of the Wooden Boat Show for a bit as he admires the boats and builders on display at this iconic celebration of wooden boats. Mystic Seaport is the perfect backdrop for this annual event and the TotalBoat crew was on site to meet our customers and enjoy the show. 

Stay tuned for Part II where we will take a walk (and row) around Mystic Seaport and see some of the other great boats and projects on display.



3 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 26 – The Wooden Boat Show

  1. Great discussion by Lou and colleagues! Learned a lot that I can use on my Catspaw Dinghy. Just need to learn more about “boat soup”.

  2. Your boar soap is no different than all other materials that you detail and explain. Why are we now talking SECRETS. ????

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