Video of the Week: Making A New Hatch from a Mold

We’ve been busy touring you around cool backyard boat builders who are cranking out massive projects that most of you likely enjoy watching because let’s be honest, you won’t likely ever have to muscle a lead ballast keel into place, or approximate the amount of live oak needed to rebuild your historic sailing yacht. With that in mind, today we bring you something a little closer to home for our customers. Because everyone has at least one hatch aboard and after watching this video from Boatworks Today, you’ll understand that it’s got lots of steps, but with the right guidance (these videos) and the right products (you guessed it, TotalBoat), this is a project that most anyone can accomplish.


10 responses to “Video of the Week: Making A New Hatch from a Mold

  1. I watch Andy’s videos on YouTube for inspiration and information on projects for my little schooner. I have learned a lot new solid solutions to some of my “girls” problems.

  2. I just watched the second video of laying up the new part. It looks like it turned out very nice. I particularly liked the balsa core. Don’t know if it would have worked in this instance, but the balsa looks very nice when flow coated clear. finishing just the sides with gel-coat would be an option

  3. Your doing way to much work next time use Melamene and 45 minute Durabond spackle much eaiser to tool and sand. Paint the spackle with a gloss rattle can of enamel paint spray PVA and the mold is ready!

  4. That’s two very nice videos Andy, but I had the same question as Brian Kidwell. If I had the original hatch, I would just wax that baby up and pull the mold off the hatch… saving the plywood work. I know you have a great reason for doing it the way you did; so could you please share that. THANK YOU!

  5. The finished hatch fits OVER a lip. Your mold gives preference to the outside dimension- not the inside/lip side. How do you control the hatch thickness?

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