A TotalBoat Holiday

Twas the last Shop Night before Christmas, and all through the shop
The sanders were spinning, the chop saw went “chop,”
Crafty ornaments were made by the people with care,
with Wet Edge paint here, and some varnish on there.

Chuck’s slapping coats on his tired old oars,
Eric’s adding shelving and neatening drawers.
Ozzie is shrink wrapping boats up real tight,
and Liam came by for a beer and a bite!
(and to build shelving, of course)

When outside the shop there arose such a clatter,
the people ran out to see what was the matter.
Eric pulled on the ropes to raise up the door,
and there in the driveway was another boat more!

This one was tired, all beaten and worn,
and needed some love to look seaworthy once more.
There were holes in the bottom and pieces were missing,
but the TotalBoat team knew it just needed fixing.

We looked for the driver who brought us this ship,
running all over Bristol – making more than one trip.
We looked high and low, but could not find the chap
who brought us this boat so we got to work fast.

Now, TotalFair, now, primer, now Fiberglass and resin,
On varnish, on bottom paint, on wax – don’t be messin’!
There’s no time to waste on fixing this boat,
Soon summer is here and we want it afloat.

As epoxy dries before the wild hurricanes fly,
The team was real busy and the hours ticked by.
In a miracle of Christmas the boat looked like new,
Thanks to TotalBoat products and the TotalBoat crew.

And then, in a twinkling, we heard on the roof,
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As Eric ran up to see what was the matter,
Santa grabbed Eric and hoisted him up with a ladder.

Eric’s eyes lit up at the thought of the ride,
on Santa’s sleigh, so he asked, “Hey, Claus, can I drive?”
Santa knew Eric was a fine sailing skipper,
And traded with Eric – his sleigh for a vessel that’s quicker.

With the TotalBoat team gathered watching this sight,
We cheered on our Eric, sailing into the night.
With Santa and Eric behind the big wheel,
We knew Santa made out with his new sailboat deal!**

Who wants a sleigh when you can fix an old boat drinking beer,
to be faster and nicer than some sled pulled by deer?
With TotalBoat on board and Santa leading the way,
Eric and Santa sailed off to make kids’ happy day.

And we heard them exclaim as they sailed out of sight,
Without TotalBoat on board, this scow would still be a fright!


And we all slept well knowing Santa was in great hands!

**Yeah, bad deal for Eric. Santa’s sleigh is in rough shape and needs a lot of work. It is well used, after all. But never fear, you know the TotalBoat crew knows just what to do!






MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to all of you from The TotalBoat crew!  Here’s to a great 2018 with lots of fair weather for spring boat work and for boating!!!



4 responses to “A TotalBoat Holiday

  1. That was great! Thanks for the merriment! I’m gonna have some nog now as well. Hope it’ll keep me warm while I’m under the boat, hmm, maybe a little more rum.

  2. From down here in south Mississippi at Confederate State Boat and Marine Repair, I want to wish all y’all a very Happy Holiday season. And I do want to come and visit Total Boat and present some 101 proof Wild Turkey bourbon.

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