Episode 13: Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Welcome back to Lou’s boat shop and to Episode 13 of Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory. Lou is working on the transom, slowly and precisely adjusting the fit and bevel of the sides and bottom of the wood to fit the false bottom.  Using his electric and block planers, he moves slowly to get the angle right without removing too much material. Lou knows he can fine tune the angles later, unless he takes off too much material – then he’s in trouble. The transom is built from a single piece of mostly quarter sawn lumber. As such, the transom will be strong enough to accept fastening of the planking on both sides. 

With the transom roughed to shape Lou needs to transfer the measurements already on the mold onto the transom so he can draw a center line.  With this center line he can then use his Dory drawings to measure out and mark several stations on both sides that represent where he is to cut and bevel to.  After quickly cutting the transom to its new lines at 90 degrees Lou takes it back over and mounts it to his bottom and mold.  Once in position he can electric plane the two sides down to bevel to accept the planking.

Catch up with the whole series by watching here!



12 responses to “Episode 13: Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

  1. Watching this this morning as I finish catching up on the work skiff. This will be just as much fun and probably informative as well. Love starting my mornings this way.

  2. I like the zip tie on the safety switch of the planer in addition to the pipe handle. That’s definitly a mod only reccomended for sober sailors… Great video and production as usual.

  3. This is a fabulous series and I look forward each new episode. Marking a dark line on the transom edge might be easier with a “soft” lead pencil not a “hard” one as Lou states here. The hard graphite leaves a more faint line than a soft one. Also, I was a bit surprised to see Lou is not using a small, wood pad to protect the outside surface of the transom from being depressed by the clamp foot. But, I would love to work alongside this eloquent and gifted boatbuilder.

  4. Lou
    I just enjoy your videos with the hands on descriptions of all that you do. You are truly a Master Boat Builder. Thank you

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    1. I don’t understand what you mean by “duplicate content” and I have asked a question about the videos and received no answer. I should think Lou would be interested in hearing questions about methods and procedure and not just how great the videos are. I do enjoy them very much and view them as highly educational.

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