He’s Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff!

When boatbuilder, Louis Sauzedde, was beginning the build of the TotalBoat Work Skiff, he hoped for an audience who would follow along and eventually, hopefully, build their own skiff. This could be accomplished, Lou believed, without plans for building, and by watching the 38 episode YouTube series. The series documented his build in great detail so that interested builders could follow along. Plans, for Louis and his filmmaker, are an afterthought. Turns out, Lou was right – the boat can be built from the videos and we found one TotalBoat customer who is ready to prove it!

David’s wife, Karen, reached out to us to share her husband’s story with us – and with you. Here is what Karen sent us:
David Leonhardi is a carpenter who has worked in the trade for years.  He became interested in building a boat because he has three young boys who love the ocean!
David came across Lou’s videos on YouTube when he was doing some research and became really intrigued by Lou’s project.  He wanted to watch more.  He looked forward to the next video so much.  He liked to watch and monitor the progress of Lou’s skiff.
One weekend when there was a boat show in RI, we got the kids in the car to drive down to see Lou’s project in person.  That was when David decided that he could build this skiff for the boys.
We can’t wait to check back in with the Leonhardis to check on their progress.
Check out David’s current photos and the amazing progress going on in their Scituate, MA workshop. We are impressed and think you will be, too.
Know someone building the TotalBoat Work Skiff? Let us know! We want to hear from them!

4 responses to “He’s Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff!

  1. Nice job! It’s gonna be the real thing. A good stable design and solid build for the boys to horse around in and learn a thing or two.

  2. David, it’s lookin good. Following Louis guidance you can’t go wrong. Your boys will remember this forever it will be a great family story. Enjoy,

  3. As one that has tried his hand at building wooden boats, I say good for you ! I’m sure the “Master” and the great folks at JTD will be happy that their work in bring real builds has made such a difference for you and others out here..

  4. When Lou put the inside rail on the gunnel on his work skiff it dawned on me that was the design of the ‘rowboat’ my grandfather had and he had been a logger in a past career. I have found a desire to build one for myself. The open design will make scuba diving gear storage easy. Add a couple of padded seats and we have room for 6 to run the rivers salmon fishing. Thank you for the memories of my grandfather’s ‘rowboat’ that I grew up in here on Puget Sound in Washington state. I may not get to this for a while. Is there a CD available with all the videos on it? Jess

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