Episode 8 – Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

In Episode 8 of Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory, Lou continues with the building of the all-important jig that the Sport Dory itself will be built upon. In the last episode, Lou showed us how to size and cut the pieces of the three layer “false bottom” that will be used on this jig, and which will be extremely important in connecting the eventual frames and side planking to the actual bottom of the dory when we get there.

Lou shows us how to create the “scarf joints” needed to join together the ends of the pieces of 3/8th plywood that he cut for the false bottom last week, and very importantly, how to properly mix the TotalBoat 5:1 Traditional Epoxy Resin to fasten the sheets of plywood together, especially so the glue does not set up and harden too quickly, while you are still working on putting the scarfs and the layers together.


10 responses to “Episode 8 – Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory

  1. Despite building two small boats and being able to identify with the tools, the last two presentations re: teh false bottom ‘”lost me”.
    I understand the processes but don’t know the “Why and Where” I’m going with the steps. Maybe I’m just too slow.

  2. When applying the epoxy mix, I believe Lou was coating both surfaces before joining the panels and scarf joints. This is an important requirement and should be made explicitly.

  3. I love craftsmen who are open to new materials and techniques rather than the naysayers who always tell you why something won’t work. Can do attitudes get the job done. I look forward to Friday mornings with Lou.

  4. I’m glad to see that Lou put the cord to the plane behind his neck. If you don’t, while planning back and forth, it is possible to catch the cord in the plane, making a big flash, a very loud BANG, a cut cord, a burned blade, a tripped circuit breaker, and a soiled pair of pants!

    Don’t ask me how I know…

  5. I’ve received video’s 1 thru 8 and apparently they stopped coming as I’ve just been going through the episodes and episode 8 is the last one I received. Any suggestions?

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