Video(s) of the Week: A Whole Lot Of LOU!

Calling all fans of our resident shipwright, Louis Sauzedde. While Lou is taking a break to catch up with the TotalBoat Sport Dory building this week, we are taking you back to check out our collection of How-To Videos featuring Louis. We have been working with Louis and his video team for years and while some of you may have just discovered his video series and the Tips From A Shipwright persona, we are long time fans and supporters of his efforts. Check out this playlist featuring some of his most popular How-To videos where we know you’ll discover new ways to tackle a project or use a tool, and where we are certain you’ll be entertained. 

With 33 videos in our playlist, there are tips ranging from stripping and sanding to painting, varnishing, steaming wood, bottom painting, mixing and using epoxy and so much more. So as you patiently wait for the next episode of the TotalBoat Sport Dory build, you have lots to see and learn from our past work with Louis.

You can also catch up on episodes 1-7 of the TotalBoat Sport Dory Series to stay up to date.


Thanks for watching.


9 responses to “Video(s) of the Week: A Whole Lot Of LOU!

    1. If you click the bottom video on this page, you will play video 1 of the 33 in the playlist. A playlist plays one video and goes on to the next, following the end of the one you’re watching. It’s how playlists work! You’re welcome.

    2. click on the top LEFT Of the video – it should say 1/33 and if you click in that area it opens up the list of videos in the playlist.

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